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Yesterday - February 6, 2023

Microsoft Apps

4K, 5K or even 8K wallpapers for free. Automatic wallpaper switching. Unique features such as weather widget and wallpapers reflecting the current weather. Incredible wallpaper collections - Backiee offers hundreds of thousands of free 4K, 5K or 8K backgrounds. - Enjoy a collection that keeps on growing. Hundreds of new wallpapers uploaded daily by our community. - View wallpapers by popularity, category, editorial selections, resolutions, countries, or publishers. - Find the best wallpapers by tags or colors or search for your own ideas. Set, like or share - You can set wallpaper in just one click. No need to hesitate to open folder and find images. - Like your favorite pictures to get them to the top of the most popular wallpapers list. - Share the best wallpapers with your friends easily. Slideshow - Change your background automatically. - Set a category, editorial selection or even your own favorite wallpapers as an automatically changing slideshow. - Choose how often the pictures changing (every 15 minutes or once a week the decision is yours). Weather widget - Add a weather widget to your desktop wallpaper which automatically updates regularly. - Customize the widget by specifying the position, background color or size. - The weather widget shows your local weather temperature, weather-specific icons, weather descriptions for today and you can choose from the following data to be shown on your widget: - Humidity - Air pressure - Wind direction and speed - Sunrise and sunset time - Clouds percentage - Visibility Interactive slideshow - Unique function: interactive weather, season, and time of day wallpaper slideshow. - Your wallpaper automatically adjusts to the current weather. If the weather is sunny, your screen will also be sunny. - You will always know what current time of day is. You will get sunset wallpapers at sunset. - Your background automatically adjusted to the current season. Spring pictures in spring, autumn pictures in autumn, and more. Synchronization - Your collections are automatically synced between your Android, iPhone, Windows, or Xbox devices. - Set a background slideshow or wallpaper to all your devices. - To sync, you need to have backiee installed on all devices and be logged in with the same user account. My collections - Create your own favorite wallpapers list and set it as a background slideshow. - Organize your wallpapers as a pro. Create folders using the coolest wallpapers. - Browse through your previously saved or set wallpaper in your automatically created history list. Login - Login to backiee using your Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, or VKontakte account. - Use your login to upload wallpapers, synchronize your collections with your devices, post comments, and many more. Upload wallpaper - Upload your most beautiful photos and wallpapers and be among the top publishers. - Collect likes to get your photos to the top of the lists. - Share your backgrounds with millions of users. Bing - Choose from the last 14 days Bing wallpapers or create a slideshow to automatically get the daily Bing background. - Change the Bing region to see what the daily Bing background in different countries is.